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What is Herbal Smoke?

First off, herbal smoke isn't Legal Marijuana.

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So if it's not Legal Marijuana, then, what is herbal smoke? It is a very unique blend of psychoactive plants and herbs from around the globe that when taken cumulatively produce one of the very few legal highs in USA left. It is a legal high alternative, but there are plenty of legal highs: alcohol, cigarettes, even prescription drugs for many people. This one happens to be an herbal legal herbal remedy that produces relaxation and calming in the partaker.

So what is herbal smoke about, then? It's one of several new smoking alternatives that have come about because so many people want to avoid failing a drug test. Life in the 21st century is hard, and an herbal legal high is an attractive option for many folks if you can promise them no negative consequences. No wonder then that since its introduction in the early 2000's, legal herbal smoke in USA has grown tremendously in popularity.

Legal herbal smoke has long been a tradition in North America. Before the white man came, the herb was tobacco, and the venue was the sweat lodge—but the principle was the same. Back then there were no authorities asking "What is herbal smoke?" because they wanted to shut down the tradition. In fact, herbal legal smoke was used back then by shamans (to get in touch with the spirit world.

In the 19th century the Chinese figured out a way to distill opium into a smokeable form, and the legal herbal smoke of choice became the white substance. For a time, the white rock ruled the legal highs scene in urban centers like San Francisco and New York, but then it was banned and gone completely by the end of World War II. Another legal high option had bit the dust.

What is herbal smoke actually comprised of, you might want to know. Every truly herbal herbal smoke will contain nothing but organic, natural products, such as: Wild Dagga Wild Lettuce Indian Warrior Egyptian Blue Water Lily Bay Bean Indian Lotus Guarana...and there are lots of others.

If you just look a little harder, legal highs in USA aren't that hard to find. Medical marijuana dispensaries give away legal herbal smoke of the budded type to anyone with a prescription. And they're legal in sixteen states now—California's legal marijuana industry alone made $2 billion in 2008. But the only truly legal herbal smoke in USA continues to be the incense products offered under products names like K2 and spice and marketed mostly through the web.

Although it is true that some incense brands contain unnatural chemicals such as JWH-018 or JWH-073, our website only sells true herbal legal herbal incense with no additives or performance enhancers. The effects you experience after smoking one of our herbal legal smoke brands are attributed purely to natural causes through the unique formula of psychosomatic herbs, plants, and spices you will find in our products.

That way you can enjoy your herbal legal high with complete impunity, knowing that there's no way you could fail a drug test, because there's nothing in any of our products to set one off.

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