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Herbal Smoke Review

Herbal smoking products can have a huge variety of ingredients in them that produce the desired psychedelic and psychoactive effects in smokers.

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The official herbal smoke reviews including what's in the best herbal to smoke and what makes it the best.

These effects can be brought about by synthetic chemicals that are added to the herbal smoke, or they can be the result of a potpourri of highly psychoactive plants and herbs. You should know that our online herbal smoke shop sells only the purest and most organic products available, with no additives or preservatives.

Some (not all) of these powerful plants and herbs that make smoking herbal products pleasurable include:

  • Damiana. The original Mexican margarita mix, damiana has been drank as a tea since the days when missionaries landed on the coast of Central America. It's just that now the relaxing effect produced by the active ingredient damianin has been discovered by herbal smoke review sites.
  • Salva Divinorum. Back before anyone had even thought of or tried to smoke herbal products, the Mazatec tribe were getting knocked on their butts by smoking herbal Salva Divinorum, a potent herb found in the Sierra Mazatec region of Mexico.
  • Guarana. Brazilians think it's funny to be reading about guarana in an herbal smoke review as something new because they've been drinking beverages made of guarana beans for decades. With twice the caffeine as coffee beans as well as other antioxidant and antibiotic effects.
  • Kava Kava. As further evidence for the idea that Western society is only now catching up to the wisdom of some of the other civilizations out there, Pacific Islanders have been drinking kava for centuries. Now, we grant you, to smoke herbal kava was an idea that occurred to people who had first had experience with smoking things like marijuana, but still. Kava is nothing new to the human race. An excellent stimulant with numbing and euphoric qualities.
  • Dwarf Skullcap. Some of the best herbal to smoke you'll ever find has this in it. But you've got to be careful; there are three strains of skull cap, but only one is extremely psychosomatic. If you see the name scutellaria nana listed in the ingredients, these herbal smoke reviewers are gonna go out on a limb here and say that it will the best incense you've ever tried, bar none.
  • Egyptian Blue Water Lily. A common sight in herbal smoke reviews that detail the various ingredients in herbal smoking products, the Egyptian Lily has been a well-known psychedelic since ancient Egypt. Often confused with the Indian Lotus flower (which has no known psychoactive properties) the Lily is a sedative that has some hallucinogenic properties as well. It is likely that the lotus plant in Homer's Odyssey is in fact this Water Lily by a different name.

Well that brings our little aside on herbal smoke ingredients to a close for today. Next time you're at the herbal smoke shop, feel free to pick up the package and check what's inside—you just might want to make sure the owners don't think you're trying to steal it.

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