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Smoking Herbal or Herbs Smoking has been practice for millenniums by people in all walks of life for ritual or incense purpose. Read some Herbal Smoking informative articles and explanation of what herbal smoking and herbal smoking blends are and are not. Information on the best websites for Legal Herbs and Natural Smoking Herbs, Shamanic Herbs, Exotic Herbs and Herbal Smoke.

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Herbal smoke is the hottest new thing in smoking since opium was distilled into a form that could be smoked, and it's 100% legal and safe. Sure, yon can get confused by all the different vendors and names out there, but that's not a deal-breaker. Most everyone who enjoys smoking has found that herbal smoke is an attractive, safe, and most of all effective form of smoking alternative.

Because we all know that herbals to smoke to get high wouldn't get very far on the consumer market if they didn't deliver as promised. But fear not, wise consumer, every herbal smoking product available on this website is guaranteed to leave you totally satisfied or you get your money back. We can guarantee that, knowing that our product can back it up because it's made from 100% organic natural substances, imported from places like Africa, Asia, and South America. Only the finest ingredients are made into our smoking herbal blends from each of these places, and only after being processed to ensure the highest highs and the strongest, most potent aroma money can buy.


Advantages of Smoking Herbal Smoke  and Herbal Smoking Blends

herbal smoking blends

There are a lot of smoking choices out there. Some of them are legal—tobacco, cloves—some of them are not: marijuana, opium, crack. Some of these have horrible health effects, like opum, which is incredibly addictive and slowly kills you by forcing you to increase the amount you need to get high. Others, like marijuana, still have yet to have any negative health effects proven in any clinical trials or studies, or even to have one single death attributed to overuse. Regardless of what your personal opinion may be about these smoking alternatives, the fact is that for most people the fact that it's illegal is enough to keep them from trying it.

For that reason alone, plenty of folks would be willing to try the new herbal smoking alternatives. They are totally legal and drug-test safe. In fact, it's been put like this: you could walk by a cop smoking herbal smoke, blow the smoke in his face, and there's still nothing he could do about it, because they're completely legal. Although we wouldn't necessarily suggest it, in principle that's true: if something is legal, it's legal. And there are other reasons to try herbal smoke, too; some folks who are trying to kick the nicotine habit find them helpful to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Legal Weed Smoking

But mostly people who want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little smoking high after work are making lots of noise about smoking herbal incense. It's been compared to marijuana by a lot of people, even gone so far as to be called legal pot by some, by it's not really a substitute for marijuana. That's because the aroma and appearance can sometimes be similar to marijuana, and even the high experienced by the smoker can be close to the high produced by cannabis. But, it's best just to think of it as one of many smoking choices, one that holds a lot of advantages over some of the more negative-themed smoking alternatives. It's non-addictive, legal, and has no negative side effects that have been reported anywhere.


History of Herbal Smoking Choices

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Really, there's no shortage of herbals to smoke to get high in the course of human history. If one tribe was smoking tobacco, the next tribe over would smoke cannabis to outdo them, or vice versa. The struggles between smoking aficionados and authority figures have been mirrored throughout history, it's just that 1,000 years ago the ones keeping the smoking herbal incense secret to themselves were priests or medicine men. Did you know that the first ones to conduct an anti-smoking campaign in modern history were the Nazis? It's true-Adolf Hitler was an avid anti-smoking advocate, because he believed that his German "master" race was polluting itself by inhaling tobacco.

As many as one-third of the world's population are regular or occasional smokers, according to the latest statistics. That's about 2 billion people! Granted most of those are cigarettes rather than smoking herbal blends, but nonetheless that's a lot of smokers. If it didn't have at least some positive effects on people, they clearly would have stopped a long time ago. Although it's difficult to put numbers on current users of illegal drugs like marijuana, the state of California reported last year that its medical marijuana industry had profits of $2 billion in 2008. And that's just the legal profits—imagine how much was sold on the black market (makes you wonder why they don't just make it legal, huh?).

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Even in many countries where it's not legal, the amount of "looking the other way" is phenomenal. India—holds large religious festivals during which smoking herbal forms of cannabis (they have three kinds) is practiced widely. Amsterdam—well, pretty much everybody knows that you can walk into a "coffee shop" there and buy some weed. But it's not commonly known that in the rest of the Netherlands, legal pot is not really acceptable. And international treaties that the Netherlands has signed required that they keep marijuana on the equivalent of the controlled substance list—it's just that within the borders of these provinces small amounts of cannabis are allowed to be sold by coffee shops.


What's in Herbal Smokes and Legal Buds?

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A lot of other companies will supplement their product with synthetic compounds like JWH-018 or JWH-073. There is a whole family of chemicals called cannabinoids that produce varying highs and effects that are sprayed on other companies' product. They figure that anyone smoking herbal incense doesn't really care what's in it as long as it makes them high. Our product from recommended herbal smoking blend websites, however, is a completely natural blend of the freshest, purest imported ingredients producing highs due to the cumulative effect of the psychoactive and psychosomatic cumulative effect of these plant and herbs. So go ahead and try some today without any fear of being "caught" either by drug test or law enforcement, and let us know how you like smoking herbal incense purchased from our website.

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